Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Old Links

Some links from my old fractals page, they might be broken by now.

Fractal Programs

MMFrac2.3 Freeware Fractal Generator Program, not tried it yet, screenshots look good.
Fractint (Dos, Windows, Freeware) The program that I used to create most of the images here. Good range of fractal types, examples, options. Its fast too. Just download it. DOS version runs well under Windows 95.
Fractal Extreme (Windows, Shareware) Good program, creates lovely zoom movies, easy to use.
Ultra Fractal (DOS, Shareware) DOS GUI type interface, runs well under Windows 95. Good output, fast, easy to use.
Flarium24 (Windows, Freeware) Very good program lots of options to fiddle with. Upto 24bit color, various sizes.
Ultra Fractal (Windows, shareware) Looks a like a good program.
Tiera-Zon (Windows) By the same author as Flarium24. Faster, more options.

Fractal Domains v1.2 Not tried.
ab Fractal v0.4b Not tried.
Color Fractal Generator v2.3 Not tried.
MandelTV DA v1.0 Not tried.

Try these FTP sites for more programs
Softseek Do a search on "fractal", for quick results.
ZDNet Hotfiles Do a search on "fractal", for quick results.

Other Links to Fractal Pages
Sent your fractal links to be included here.
ScienceU Order HI-Res fractal posters and lots of other science stuff.
Fractal Artwork form Fractured Perceptions Good selection of images, well designed.
LifeSmith Classic Fractals Fractal poster, t-shirts, ties, calenders, etc.

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